Earn & Save Money By Applying To Be a Good Stuff Brand Ambassador 


Quick Overview

  • Earn 15% commission on any sales from your affiliate link 

  • Save 15% on products from our webstore 

  • Regular coaching and skill building to expand your personal or business brand 

  • Access to a community of heart-centred health & wellness leaders and entrepreneurs  

  • Front-of-line access to new products and offers 

How To Apply

We aren’t just looking for experienced influencers, we want to work with any of our loyal customers who want to help us share Good Stuff. Wherever you are on your journey of holistic wellness there is a place for you. 

That said, here are a few characteristics that we are looking for in our ambassadors: 

  1. Openness and eagerness to share the benefits of Good Stuff that you’ve seen in yourself, your family and friends 
  2. Desire to increase your abundance through heart-centred outreach online and in-person 
  3. Familiarity with social media marketing or a strong desire to learn 
  4. A belief and acceptance that everyone’s holistic journey is unique and a profound respect for individuality and choice 
  5. A desire to grow your personal or business brand inside of a community of holistic wellness leaders 

If this sounds like you, please complete our Online Application, clicking here

Integration Process 

Once your application has been approved we will send you a welcome invite with the following:

  1. An affiliate and a discount link. The first is for you to share with your network to earn commission (15%) on any order that is tracked to your link. The second is for you to receive 15% off any products you purchase for yourself or family  
  2. Information on how to setup your PayPal account to get paid your commissions 
  3. An invitation to subscribe to our exclusive monthly newsletter 
  4. A calendar invite to our next quarterly gathering of ambassadors 

Terms of Agreement 


Once your commissions reach $25 we will send your commission payments to your PayPal Account automatically in the first 1-3 business days of each month. If your balance is below $25 and you would like to be paid we will charge a $3 processing fee.


We extend you a discount code of 15%. This may not be used in combination with other sales or discounts nor are you entitled to any commissions for sales made with your discount link. We welcome you to make purchases for your friends and family but products can only be shipped to your primary mailing address we have on file. You’re responsible for shipping costs on orders less than $100 

Relationship to ViraOne 

We encourage you to share your affiliate link with your online and in-person networks and we are grateful to have you in our community of ambassadors. However, you are not considered an employee or spokesperson for ViraOne, Good Stuff or any future products or services we release. Anyone who creates a false representation of their relationship to ViraOne will be removed from the Ambassador program. 

Respect for All People 

We aim to create spaces for our customers, partners, ambassadors and team members that are free of harassment of any kind. We will not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism. We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with anyone who doesn’t abide by this basic level of respect without notice. 


You are free to represent other products or brands while you are an ambassador of ViraOne. You are not permitted to use our logos, content or intellectual property for anything other than promoting our products. 

No spam  

We encourage you to share our affiliate link with your networks and wherever it’s appropriate to do so. We do not permit spamming links of any kind, including to social media, email, text messaging etc. We are happy to support your ongoing education in this area, however anyone who is not able to abide by these conditions will be removed from the ambassador program. 

Coupon sites 

You do not have permission to share your links on any coupon site. If we discover that it has, we will reach out to the site and ask them to remove it and you may be removed from the ambassador program depending on the circumstances. 


We do not push pressure on you to make sales or share your link in any particular way. However, if we see that there’s been no activity (ie views) from your link in six months we will consider you in-active and remove your link from our system. We also understand that commitments shift and you’d be welcome to re-apply if you are called to in the future. 

Ready to Apply? Click here:
If you have any questions please email mark at viraone dot com